Considerations of Parenthood

Chapter 2, Section 2:

Considerations of Parenthood

Many prospective parents must decide whether to give up and outside of the home job to stay at home with their children. This decision is just one example of the need to balance various roles as a parent.

Anyone who has a career really has two jobs: the work done for their employer and the work of managing a home/family. Successful people find ways to prioritize what is most important to them – balancing needs and wants that are specific to their family. At the same time, they will also realize the other aspects of their lives that are important: health & well-being, relationships with friends and family, and personal growth (ie: learning, hobbies, play, etc.)

Trying to balance so many different roles and needs can be stressful. New parents soon realize that their lives have changed forever with the decision to have a child. Many parents learn that their ideals about parenting prior to having children change – sometimes drastically, sometimes minimally. While children become part of your life and part of your new normal, it’s unreasonable to believe that your life won’t change “just because you have children”.

skiing 1

Perhaps this was your favourite winter pass-time before having children.


skiing 2

Your new winter pass-time may be introducing your kids to those winter sports you enjoy.  It may not be what most people think of when one says “extreme skiing”, but it’s a new way to enjoy a favourite if you’re a skier.


Think about how a parent’s hobbies can stay the same and how they might change when children enter into the equation.

Assignment: The Developing Child, p. 55

Check Your Understanding # 1 – 6

View the movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” (Netflix – in class) and follow the emotional plot line of one of the expecting couples. Summarize your observations instead of doing a Discuss & Discover question today.


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