Bio: Wife, mother, teacher... these are just some of my roles. I love to cook, bake, decorate, read, sew, paint, and I can see myself easily becoming that crazy cat lady so many fear. I also have 5 wordpress blogs. As a teacher, I use most of the blogs for communication with my students and the re-posting of lessons. The first blog is the exception. It is ComPOSTing, a blog set up while doing my M.Ed to meet journaling requirements for a course. This blog is now quiet, but I keep it for reflecting back. The second blog is I Burnt the Coffee, titled that because I have. Yes, I have a "special" and "unique" skill set. This blog is mainly dormant as I most often use it when teaching Food Studies. I'm sure I'll return to it again as teaching assignments change. The next two are Human Services 12 and Human Services 11, specifically to be used as a teaching tool for my Human Services students. And finally, for the 2015 - 2016 school year, I'll be posting information in a blog for Planning 10.

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