Human Services 11 Course Outline

The purpose of Human Services 11 is to offer an overview of: 1) the decisions leading up to becoming a parent, 2) pregnancy, fetal development and childbirth and 3) infant care and development throughout the first six years of life. A successful student will complete the chapter assignments and work packages, complete a pregnancy project and participate in an infant care project by the end of this course. There is no prerequisite for this course.

Children, Parenting and You            (September – October)

  • Growing with Children
  • Living in Families
  • Effective Parenting Skills
  • Teen Pregnancy & Parenting

Pregnancy and Birth                          (November – December)

  • Prenatal Development
  • Preparing for Birth
  • The Baby’s Arrival

The Baby’s First Year                        (December – January)

  • Physical Development
  • Baby Think it Over
  • Emotional and Social Development
  • Intellectual Development

The Child from One to Three            (February – March)

  • Physical Development
  • Emotional and Social Development
  • Intellectual Development

The Child from Four to Six               (March – April)

  • Physical Development
  • Emotional and Social Development
  • Intellectual Development

Special Areas of Study                          (May – June)

  • Health & Safety
  • Special Challenges for Children
  • Caring for Children
  • Careers Relating to Children

Note: For those students interested in a Focus Areas certificate in Health and Human Services, you must meet with the Work Experience teachers.


Assignments:                                  50%

Projects:                                         30%

Quizzes/Tests:                                20%